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The 74th Cannes Film Festival is approaching its finale, and at the end of the day, the representatives of the Russian film industry received great news. Film directed by Kira Kovalenko "Unclenching his fists" (Les poings desserres) won the "Uncleaning view" competition program at the Cannes Film Festival. This decision was announced by a jury headed by British director Andrea Arnold.

Alexander Rodnyansky, Milana Aguzarova and Kira Kovalenko
Alexander Rodnyansky, Milana Aguzarova and Kira Kovalenko

Due to the fact that Kira was unable to attend the ceremony, the film's producer Alexander Rodnyansky received an award for her. Accepting the coveted prize in the Debussy hall, he said:

On his Instagram, the producer added:

The video from the awards ceremony in Cannes was posted on Facebook by film critic Anton Dolin, glad for the success of the film.

The film "Unclenching his fists" tells about the problem of children getting away from excessive parental care. The action takes place in a small mining town in North Ossetia, where the main character lives, raising a daughter and sons. Children dream of running away from their father's overprotection and living an independent life, since he is too strict with them.

Alexander Rodnyansky, Milana Aguzarova and Kira Kovalenko

The main role in the film was played by actress Milana Aguzarova, who made her debut in big cinema, and People's Artist of the Republic of North Ossetia Alik Karaev. Previously, the director of the film, Kira Kovalenko, shared what inspired her to create the film:

"Unclenching Fists" movie poster

"Unclenching Fists" is the second full-length film by the young director Kira Kovalenko after the film "Sofichka", which was released in 2016.

In the same competition program, a film by another Russian director Alexei German, Jr., "Delo", was presented. In the main program, Russia was also represented by the painting "The Petrovs in the Flu" by Kirill Serebrennikov.

Two years ago, in the same competition, director Kantemir Balagov received a prize for directing the film "Dylda". Balagov, like Kovalenko, studied directing with Alexander Sokurov, Balagov's film was also produced by Alexander Rodnyansky. Now the author of the films "Dylda" and "Tightness" Balagov is filming a series for HBO.

Shot from the filming of the movie "Unclenching his fists"

Shot from the filming of the movie "Unclenching his fists"

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Another blackhead?


zaza__azcenazi, are you hungry for comedies or is it not enough that Melikyan rivets?


mandarinka111111, and I'll tell you now.
I love - when the light at the end of the tunnel
Here you are twisted, twisted, but you still understand that the main thing is to live as a person
Simple universal values.
And after all, such films are for centuries.
And these will hear and forget


zaza__azcenazi, I love those too, with hope

zaza__azcenazi, why do you think so? the problems of fathers and children are eternal - does Turgenev also have "chernukha" ?!

zaza__azcenazi, most likely. "This awful Russia". And without a Jewish producer, too, nowhere.

They are already handing out these awards like cards on the avenue ...

A must-see.

Congratulations !!! Very happy when ours receive awards

Marinochka, how are they your side?))

Lotti, and which one is not?

Spletni777, who are you?))

There is something in this Kira. talent is visible even in appearance, not empty.

spadarstva, fenced

Sokurov - Master, leaves such cool young successors in his business. I'm very happy for Kira.

By the way, Kira is the girl of Kantemir Balagov. Well done, both talented

Great! Pleasantly! Congratulations!

How pleasant it is to read such news. I don’t watch the Cannes competition, there is always some kind of super, everything sertesy and dramatic, but for our guys I am always happy and proud. What good fellows and talents!

Kira has such an unusual beauty, she herself would act in films

Jillian, at what point did the word "beauty" become synonymous with "looks"? shoved all over the place.

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