Shot from the series "The Preacher"

What should be done in the summer? Get a tan, swim, overeat raspberries and, of course, find a new favorite TV series! Aliens, love triangles, sex (lots of sex), retro, comedy - our guide to this summer's TV shows will help you make your choice!

Preacher, AMC, from May 22

I have already talked about this series in detail, so now we will briefly recall the main hit of this summer. The show, directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Golberg, is based on a comic book and depicts a fantasy reality. A priest from Texas, Jesse Carter (Dominic Cooper), by the will of fate, becomes the bearer of a supernatural being - Genesis, the quintessence of evil and good at the same time and the only one in the Universe who can stand on a par with God. Well, since Genesis is so strong, so is his "carrier". So Jesse begins to do his justice, and his friends help and hinder him in this - the vampire Cassidy and the mercenary Tulip.

Black humor, great acting and a twisted plot are included.

"Preacher" TV series poster

Roots, A&E, History, Lifetime, from May 30

A remake of the super popular US TV series of the same name, based on the book by Alex Haley. The original TV show premiered in 1977 and immediately received 36 Emmy nominations. The new version did not hit the face in the dirt.

"Roots" dates back to the 18th century and tells the dramatic story of several generations of one family, which suffered many trials. Slavery, deprivation, suffering - all the pain of the black people for several episodes and a portrait of the country as a whole.

The cast is full of stars: Forest Whitaker, Laurence Fishburne, Anna Paquin, Jonathan Reese Myers and other actors.

Shot from the TV series "Roots"

Cleverman, ABC, from June 2

Another semi-mystical, semi-fantastic story, moreover, the Australian-New Zealand one. The show is connected with the mythology of the indigenous peoples inside and out.

Australia, the future. Some people are ordinary, others are covered with wool and have supernatural powers. Society, of course, does not accept the latter, because it simply cannot understand where they came from. The two brothers who find themselves in the center of the story are just from among the "humanoids": they have increased sensitivity and the ability to heal, they have visions, and their DNA is different from human. Alas, the brothers are wanted for crimes they did not commit, so they will have a hard time.

The main metaphor of the series (racism, ethnic conflicts) is easy to count, but the acute sociality is tightly packed into a famously twisted plot, so it will definitely not be boring. By the way, most of the actors are representatives of the indigenous population of Australia.

Shot from the TV series "Sage"

Outcast, Cinemax, from June 3

No, this is not about the The shitty hero, like all of us, is looking for answers to the main questions - what to do and who is to blame - only adjusted for the supernatural: he is trying to understand how it happened that he was surrounded by people possessed by demons, and why mystical things constantly happen to him.

The series is based on a comic strip invented by Robert Kerkman. By the way, "The Walking Dead", which is already the sixth season more alive than all living things, is also his handiwork, so the "Outcast" is predicted to be a serious success.

Shot from the TV series "Outcast"

Feed The Beast AMC Coming June 5

Two best friends, a chef and a sommelier, decide to open a restaurant, but, of course, on the way to their dream they will face many difficulties, and not only of a bureaucratic and material nature - there are enough headaches in the life of the heroes even without a restaurant. One has problems with the mafia and the law, the other is a widower who single-handedly brings up a teenage son.

Starring Jim Sturgess and David Schwimmer (if you forgot or didn't know, Ross from Friends), this duo is much more interesting to follow than it might seem at first glance. Schwimmer made a triumphant return to TV screens last season with American Crime Story, and we hope he doesn't go anywhere.

Shot from the TV series "Feed the Beast"

American Gothic, from June 22

A mystical drama, whose name refers to the famous painting by Grant Wood (the one that depicts a married couple with a pitchfork).

In the center of the story is a family from Boston, which will have to unravel the secrets of the past after the death of the head of the clan. It turns out that the deceased was directly involved in a series of brutal murders, moreover, his case has a successor, and he is one of the family members. The show is being produced by Steven Spielberg, which speaks for itself.

Shot from the series "American Gothic"

"Roadies", Showtime, from June 26

"Vinyl" has taken a long time, but the new Showtime series could be a good replacement.

In the center of the plot are concert managers Bill and Shelley and their colleagues who travel on tours with musicians and organize concerts for their capricious wards: lighting, make-up artists, costume designers - all those. Who is in the shadow of the stars of the stage and who has to solve a bunch of everyday issues every day. The show business behind-the-scenes theme is well known to show director Cameron Crowe (Vanilla Sky), who has already covered it in Almost Famous.

It stars Luke Wilson and Carla Gugino and is executive produced by JJ Abrams.

Shot from the TV series "Guest Performers"

"The Accused" (Guilt), ABC family, from 13 June

A gripping thriller and detective in one bottle about a girl who becomes the main suspect in the murder of her roommate.

With each new detail that becomes known to the investigators, the opinion about the main character completely changes. Who is she: a naive student, whose friend was brutally murdered, or a ruthless and cold-blooded killer, skillfully covering her tracks? Even the heroine's relatives do not know if she can be trusted, and even the audience will be in suspense until the last episodes. Starring Emily Traymaine.

Shot from the series "The Accused"

Braindead, CBS, from June 13

An absurd comedy in the spirit of some Saltykov-Shchedrin, if he lives today. The main character (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) works in the US Congress and one day discovers that the government is left without brains - in the literal sense: brains are eaten by some strange beetles that have settled in the heads of politicians.

The enterprising Laurel now has to save the country. The show is written by Michelle King and Robert King, the creators of The Good Wife, which has ended, and Sir Ridley Scott himself is the producer.

Shot from the series "Brainless"

Animal Kingdom TNT starting June 14

17-year-old Joshua (Finn Cole) has his mother dying from a heroin overdose, and he is forced to move to his grandmother Janine (80s star Ellen Barkin). Very soon, the young man realizes that his grandmother is the head of a criminal gang, which includes other family members and with whom Joshua now lives. The young man is faced with a new, frightening, but also exciting world, into which he involuntarily has to plunge.

Interestingly, the series is based on the Australian film of the same name with Jackie Weaver and Guy Pearce in the lead roles. The reviews for the show are still quite good, but it's worth watching for the sake of Barkin, on which the producers have relied.

Shot from the series "By Wolf's Laws"

Queen of the South, USA, from June 21

A story about a strong, but not very law-abiding and righteous woman - the queen of the drug cartel Teresa, who was forced to engage in a criminal case by fate. From episode to episode, we see how a poor Mexican woman learns the basics of the drug business and gradually becomes influential and very rich.

The series is based on the wildly popular Spanish telenovela, which in turn is an adaptation of the novel by Arturo Perez-Reverte.

Shot from the TV series "Queen of the South"

The Living and The Dead, from 28 June

British drama with a supernatural slant. The protagonists are a young married couple, an old house and rural superstitions.

Somerset, 1894. Nathan (Wedge Morgan) and Charlotte settle on a farm full of hope and lust for life. Nathan is fond of psychology, but after he witnesses the rite of exorcism, his life goes awry: now the young man is obsessed with the idea of ​​proving the existence of the afterlife.

Shot from the series "The Living and the Dead"

Brief Encounters, ITV, from 4th July

The comedy-drama is based on a true story and tells how four women in the 1980s came up with a new development strategy for the company Ann Summers, a giant that specializes in the production of lingerie and sex toys.

They promise a lot of sex and jokes, which means we are waiting.

Actresses of the series "Brief Encounters"

The Night Of, HBO, from July 10

Another semi-detective drama in our collection, only here the main suspect is a man.

After a stormy night with a stranger, the main character wakes up with her corpse at his side - naturally, all the accusations fall on him. The matter is complicated by the fact that the young man is Pakistani, and everyone around him is opposed to him. In addition to the lawyer, who is taken to help the young man and who has the courage to resist bureaucrats and the judicial system.

The series, by the way, is a remake of the British show.

Shot from the series "One night"

"Stranger Things", Netflix, starting July 15

One of the most mysterious projects of the year and one of the most anticipated, because the main role is Winona Ryder.

Her heroine Joyce, who lives in a provincial town, suddenly has a son, but all attempts by relatives and the police to find the boy turn out to be a failure. The unhappy mother begins her investigation, but the matter becomes more and more complicated every day, and the mystic begins to rule the ball.

Paranormal phenomena, a strange girl with supernatural powers, secret government experiments - all in the 1980s. It should be scary - and interesting.

Winona Ryder in Stranger Things

Vice Principals, HBO, from July 17

Insanely funny comedy that takes place within the walls of the school. Two head teachers (Danny McBride and Walton Goggins) are determined to take one chair - the director's - and are ready to do anything to get it. Because of their rivalry, the entire school becomes a field of hostilities and a concentration of ridiculous situations in which literally everyone is drawn.

Directed by David Gordon Green, who got his hands on hard humor back in The Peppercorns, Will Ferrell and Bill Murray appear in the episodes.

Shot from the TV series "Head teachers"

The Get Down, Netflix, from Aug 12

A loud project that we are looking forward to - because the directors are Baz Luhrmann, who shot Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge and The Great Gatsby and finally decided to try his hand at television. And the story promises to be interesting, as it will tell about the formation of hip-hop culture, punk music and disco.

New York, 1970s. Two teenagers from poor neighborhoods, a boy and a girl, go through hardships to the stars: they have enough ambition and talent to leave their mark on this world.

Shot from the series "Annealing"

As you can see, the selection is impressive. We are not yet talking about the fact that in the summer with new seasons, "veterans" - "Orange is the hit of the season", "Mister Robot", "Unreal", "Pretty Little Liars" and other hits return to the screens.

One question: where to get time for everything? ..