A loner in search of truth: whether to watch the film

On January 6, 2022, Jan Gozlan's thrilling thriller Black Box will be released. Who will like it - in our review.

About the film

"Black Box" - an action-packed thriller about the investigation of a plane crash in the Alps. The world premiere of the film by director, screenwriter and producer Jan Gozlan (In a Cage, The Ideal Man) took place in March 2021 and became a real hit in France, breaking box office records.

Cast: Pierre Nine, Lou de Laage, André Dussolier, Sébastien Pouderoux, Olivier Rabourdin, Sébastien Corona, Quenten D'Eno, Lauren Devienne and others


According to the plot, the main character - a young and talented analyst Mathieu is entrusted with the investigation of a mysterious plane crash involving the newest liner. He tries to break open the black box to unravel the cause of the strange crash. However, suddenly and without explaining the reasons, the authorities remove this task. Contrary to the orders, Mathieu decides to continue the investigation, which takes a completely unexpected turn.

Watch it or not: our review

Boîte Noire is a gripping psychological thriller premiered as an international premiere at the Alliance Française French Film Festival. From the first frame, the film shows a lot of tension. And our perception is not connected either with the drama of the action or with the special effects. The effect is achieved solely through the intellectual storytelling, which draws the viewer of an ordinary person, with merits and demerits. He simply cannot remain idle, stand aside. Is the hero correct in his conclusions and decisions? Let's see.

A brand new plane crashed, killing all 300 people on board. Mathieu is a gifted analyst who studies the black box. Mathieu has a bad reputation among colleagues and the press, many of his conclusions are not confirmed. In addition, he is not particularly shy about expressing his opinion directly and without embellishment. And at the same time, the main character is not a rebel, but an ordinary person for whom the truth, confirmed by facts, is painfully important.

Unusually vividly, the picture shows a person carried away by the truth: director Jan Gozlan makes the audience constantly amazed at the logical conclusions of Mathieu and sympathize with the hero in moments of indecision and self-doubt. At the same time, the history of the film is not limited to the line of the protagonist - the script is full of branches. The storylines are surprising and captivating, but they do not throw the film off balance, since the narrative remains logical, despite the complexity and versatility of the meanings. After watching, discussions are simply inevitable: about wealth and capitalism, honesty and progress, cruelty and humanity.

At the same time, Black Box has a clear and easy shooting style that brings story and character to the fore. The sound is superbly thought out - there is practically no music, and you hear everything as if you are inside the story.

Black Box is a first-class detective thriller with a clear storyline and colorful characters. Lovers of this genre should definitely like it.

 A loner in search of truth: whether to watch the film