Review of the film

A sequel to A Quiet Place, one of the most remarkable horror films of recent years, is being released. Read about what to expect from the continuation of the story about a world in which it is vitally important for people to maintain silence - read Dmitry Sokolov's review.

After the events of the first part, Evelyn Abbott (Emily Blunt) leaves her destroyed farm with her children and sets off to look for a new home for the family. After making their way through the woods, the Abbottts meet their neighbor Emmett (Cillian Murphy), who shelters the guests in a soundproofed bunker. The next morning, the hard of hearing Regan (Millie Simmonds) secretly embarks on a dangerous journey to a nearby island, from where she can relay a signal capable of helping humanity fight against blind monsters.

The first "Quiet Place" was a great example of how you can build a film around one but bright idea - because unknown monsters hunted by ear, people had to make as little noise as possible and use sign language for conversations. At the same time, the monsters themselves for the time being were shown in passing, and a dramatic line connected with the post-apocalyptic everyday life of a single family was put in the center of the plot. In the sequel, staged by the same John Krasinski, the family theme quickly fades into the background, giving way to action and suspense - the decision is quite logical, given that the second part does not change anything in the rules of survival already known to the heroes.

Unlike the first film, here, from the prologue, which tells about the appearance of creatures hypersensitive to sound, a high pace of development of events is set, which Krasinski maintains until the very end, only occasionally diluting the tension with dramatic scenes. At some point, the main characters separate, and the script constantly switches between them, skillfully forcing suspense. In such scenes, editor Michael Shower (Black Panther) skillfully cuts frames, putting in parallel two different chains of events - it sounds simple, but looks mesmerizing. In addition, Krasinski exploits the idea with might and main with the danger of any noise, over and over again forcing the heroes to balance on the brink of life and death due to their own negligence.

At the same time, despite the secondary importance of the family theme and a clear emphasis on action with a thriller, Krasinski still quite well, albeit briefly, denotes the motivation of all key characters. As a result, even the controversial decisions of Emmett and, especially, Regan, from the point of view of common sense, look plausible precisely taking into account the peculiarities of their characters. Only the hero of Djimon Khonsu, who appears rather late in the plot, remained not fully disclosed.

In general, the second "Quiet Place" is a worthy sequel, developing (and not crossing out) all the good things that were shown in the first part. Yes, he does not bring something radically new to a potential franchise (both Paramount and Krasinski himself are already talking about the third film and spin-off), but in detail he shows a few more fragments from the life of a wonderful creepy world. Where any noise is fraught with mortal danger.

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