On August 26, the eponymous remake of the cult horror film of 1992 "Candyman" will be released on Russian screens. The project is being produced by Jordan Peel, which gives every reason to believe that the film will be topical, original and daring. Modern authors increasingly take the plots of classical paintings and show a familiar story from a new perspective. decided to recall 6 cult horror films that have already been reshomed.

The Wicker Man (1973)


Police Sergeant Neil Howie (Edward Woodward) travels to Summerland Island to investigate the disappearance of a local girl. The hero is faced with a hostile population, professing an ancient pagan religion and seemingly hiding something from a stranger. Plunging into a complicated matter, the man learns more about the cults and bloody rituals of the inhabitants of Summerland. He is the only Christian on the island, and his faith is severely tested here.

The Wicker Man is hypnotically filmed. It’s hard not to stare at English porcelain, cream cakes belonging to the intelligent world of Howie, and bizarre robes entwined with ribbons of creepy idols from the world of the irrational, pagan. The viewer, while watching, like a hero hearing a witchcraft song of a naked pagan woman, falls into a trance and cannot tear himself away from the spectacle until the last frame.

In the 2006 remake with Nicolas Cage, the religious conflict does not develop, but is replaced by a personal one: the main character's experiences, his painful memories and the secret connecting the policeman with a secluded island are brought to the fore.

The Omen (1976)


American Ambassador Robert Thorne (Gregory Peck) has been living in Italy for a long time. A man is far from religion, but soon he, like no other, will need God's help. His wife (Lee Remik) suffers a difficult childbirth and loses the baby. Not wanting to injure the woman, Robert passes off the newborn, whose mother died, as their child.

Damien grows up as a charming and perfectly healthy boy, which is called blood and milk. But wherever he is, terrible events take place: either the baboons in the zoo will go berserk, then the young nanny declares her love for the boy, and then hangs on the cornice with a wide smile. Until the last, Robert tries to remain calm, but the words of the priest that his son is the Antichrist begin to slowly take possession of the man's mind.

The Omen has become a cultural phenomenon. He influenced the formation of a whole direction in the genre, where children play the role of antagonists, and laid the foundation for a literary cycle of the same name, a number of sequels and even parodies.

The modern version came out 060606 - on the day of the three sixes. She almost literally repeated the plot of the original, only in some scenes resorting to more "bloody". The new "Omen" did not reveal anything new, but reminded the audience that evil can take on a completely harmless appearance and it is always somewhere nearby.

Suspiria (1977)


The ballerina Susie (Jessica Harper), who looks like a gothic princess, moves from America to Germany to study at a world-famous dance academy. As soon as she appears on the doorstep, she encounters a student in an emotional fit, who screams about the curse of the building.