The video "Sberbank 2020 - the Year of Transformation" became a laureate in the "Corporate Video" nomination, having won the "Silver Dolphin" in the prestigious international festival-competition of corporate and documentary television films Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards. In addition, two educational projects of Sberbank received certificates of award finalists.

A series of 14 videos on the topic "Modern digital technologies" became a finalist in the "Video in a magazine, blog and Internet TV" nomination. The project aims to popularize the idea of ​​digital transformation, help in mastering the necessary competencies and motivate people to participate in the development of the digital economy in Russia. The project is notable for the availability of presentation, an exciting video blog format, and its videos are part of the educational course of the same name. Training in basic knowledge in the field of the digital economy is available not only to Sberbank employees, but also to any viewer of the Okko online cinema. To date, the course "Modern digital technologies" has already been watched by over 200 thousand people.

The interactive series The Power of Competencies has become a finalist in the Interactive Videos nomination. Sberbank has an updated Competency Model 2023, which highlights the key skills of the future that will help employees better cope with new challenges, non-standard tasks and meet the requirements of the new reality in the next few years. In the interactive series "The Power of Competences" in an entertaining way, the user can help the protagonist find the necessary solutions and influence the course of events. The film shows the value of corporate competencies, inspiring employees to develop the necessary skills.

“Today Sberbank is an ecosystem of services based on innovation, convenience and manufacturability. In a video dedicated to the global changes in Sber's business, we combined artistic images, the idea of ​​transformation and modern motives. The result is a short, inspiring film that goes beyond standard corporate reporting. We are glad that our bright work was highly appreciated by world experts in the field of film and mass media, and our training videos were included in the finalists and were also awarded with prizes of the competition, ”said the senior vice president. Director of the Marketing and Communications Department of Sberbank Vladislav Kreinin.

The Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards are one of the world's leading corporate and documentary films, online media and reporting. The award was founded in 2010 by Filmservice International. The international jury includes Oscar and Emmy winners, corporate and media professionals, film experts and marketing communications professionals. In 2021, almost 900 applications were submitted for the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, 205 films reached the final and 144 of them received Dolphins.

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