Most of the popular rock in West Bay, Dorset, UK, collapsed from the rains and collapsed into the sea. The incident was filmed, the video and the details of the incident were published by the Daily Mail.

On Tuesday, November 9, a huge 500 tonne piece of rock broke off the high 120-foot (about 37 meters) shore at East Beach in West Bay. It is noted that the place played the role of the city of Broadchurch in the eponymous British detective series Broadchurch (in the Russian version "Murder on the Beach" - approx. ""). The beach was featured frequently in episodes and became a feature of the film.

The footage shows how a piece of rock wall slowly breaks off and slides down into the sea, raising a huge column of dust and mud. After the collapse, the beach was filled with a huge amount of stones and rubble. Coast Guard officers examined the scene and established a cordon to keep people out of the sight.

Landslides are reported to be frequent in this area. The porous rock is exposed to rain, strong winds and the sun, eroding sandstone and causing sudden landslides.

Daria Rybak