The cast reunited for a special episode.

George Clooney and Julianne Margulies don't want an ambulance revival

Earlier it was revealed that George Clooney, Julianne Margulies and other Ambulance cast members will be reuniting for a special with the WaterKeeper Alliance for Earth Day. The episode already aired on April 22nd, and the stars did a short interview on TV Line discussing the series. “When we look at the show, it's hard to say that we could do it again at the same level as we did then,” admitted Clooney. He opposed the "revival" of the series.

George then referred to the season 1 episode Love Is a Lost Labor, in which Dr. Green misdiagnoses preeclampsia as a minor bladder infection in a pregnant woman, endangering her life and the life of her unborn child. “Such a good series, in which I once starred ... But it's hard to catch lightning again,” the actor explained. Margulis agreed with her colleague. “You can't catch lightning in a bottle twice. I think we need to leave what was so beautiful and move on, ”she shared.

The actors agreed that fifteen seasons of the TV show is enough to see the whole history of the Chicago doctors. They also felt that they were no longer at the age to play young doctors. In a recent interview, Julianne also revealed that she and George were "in love" while filming the show.