This mathematician, philosopher and writer knew how to create amazing and unique worlds. So, Lewis Carroll - books that will appeal to both children and adults.

"Alice in Wonderland"

Favorite fairy tale about the adventures of the girl Alice in an imaginary world. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson published it in 1865 under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll and immediately revolutionized the world of fairy tales and fiction. The Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit and the March Hare, whom Alice meets in Wonderland, become iconic characters. And the Mad Tea Party and its hidden meanings are still trying to decipher. Children must read, re-read and buy this book :)

Best Quote: She always gave herself good advice, even though she rarely followed it.

Alice in Wonderland

"Alice in the Wonderland"

The original title "Through the Mirror, and What Alice Found There" reveals the plot of the story. This is a continuation of Alice's adventures, when she decides to go through the mirror and finds herself in the strange world of a large chessboard. The Black Queen, the twins of Tweedledum and Tweedledum, Humpty Dumpty and many more incredible characters that only Carroll can create.

Best Quote: "You know, losing your head is a very serious loss!"

Alice in the Wonderland

"Sylvia and Bruno"

Carroll himself considered this novel to be his main book, grumbling with displeasure about the fact that the story of Alice eclipsed all of his works. A kind fairy tale presents us with the subtle world of elves, which is intertwined with the human world. There is a lot of talk about education, politics, music, theology. The book is full of riddles, paradoxes and puns, which the author generously scattered both in the fantasy world and in the real one.

There is a stunning edition of "Sylvia and Bruno" with illustrations by British artist Harry Farniss, who managed to perfectly portray the heroes of the fabulous Outland.

Best Quote: “I’m sure the best life advice is this: don’t live where you don’t want to die.”

Sylvia and Bruno Lewis Carroll books

"Snark Hunt"

Many consider this book a masterpiece of Lewis, who also undeservedly remained in the shadow of Alice. Although contemporaries did not appreciate it, calling it delusional and meaningless. "The Hunt for the Snark" is a poem written in the genre of absurdity. The story tells of a team of nine people and a beaver who hunt for the "unimaginable creature" Snark. Unlike "Alice", in which poems are interspersed with prose, "Snark" is written entirely in verse.

The modern edition is worth buying, if only for the beautiful illustrations by Chris Riddell, the fashionable and ingenious illustrator. And it is obligatory to read in the translation of Kruzhkov.

Best quote: “What are the poles, parallels, Zones, tropics and zodiacs for? And the command answered: "This is not in life, these are purely conventional signs."

The Snark Hunt Lewis Carroll Books

"A story with knots"

This book brings together the puzzles, syllogisms, and logical paradoxes that Lewis Carroll adored. The problems that you will find in it sometimes cannot be solved even by savvy people with two higher levels :) All fans of mathematics and those who want to have a good time - a master read!

Best Quote: "Her Brilliance greets you," the governor translated, "and notes the Imperturbable Calm of old age and the Immature Haste of youth."

The story of the knots by Lewis Carroll books