If you love psychological books about relationships, read novels about unrequited love, in which characters and subtle overflows of feelings are revealed as much as possible.

Stefan Zweig - Letter from a Stranger

letter from a stranger

Our selection opens with a book about an incredible fabulous, possibly unreal love. On his 41st birthday, the famous Austrian writer receives a puffy envelope containing the confession of an unknown woman for whom he was the whole world. The book contrasts the pure emotions of a sincerely loving person with the indifference of an egoist who is used to living only for his own pleasure.

Jack London - Martin Eden

martin eden

A legendary work about what unrequited love can push. Martin is an ordinary uneducated sailor. He does not read literature and does not learn a poem by heart. But fate introduces him to an aristocrat named Ruth, who piously believes in science and can only entrust her heart to an educated man. Feelings for this girl make Martin chew on textbooks at night and, who knows, he can still achieve the girl of his dreams.

Gabriel García Márquez - Love in the Time of Plague

love during the plague

The story of crazy love that goes along with a person through his whole life. The beauty Fermina rejected the youthful love of Florentina's friend and preferred Dr. Hoevenal to him. But our hero does not despair, but realizes that he can wait. 5 years, 10 years, 15 years ... maybe someday he will be rewarded.

John Fowles - Collector


This is the most peculiar novel in our collection, because it tells about not quite healthy love. A lonely and unpleasant nutcase raves about a neighbor's beauty. He watches her, pursues her, and dreams that someday they will be together. Having won a huge amount in the lottery, he builds a house with a basement hidden from prying eyes - their love nest, where he soon banned his beauty ...

Mark Levy - Where are you

mark levy where are you

A very pleasant and touching book about the fear of serious feelings and the unwillingness to sacrifice something for the sake of a loved one. Philip and Susan have known each other since childhood and, it would seem, were born for each other, all that remains is to grow up and create a strong family. But Susan decides she wants to help others, so their adult meetings only happen once a year for an hour. Ultimately, Philip gets tired of waiting and marries another ... But even that cannot cut the connection between them.

Françoise Sagan - A Little Sun in Cold Water

some sun in cold water

The young journalist Gilles fell into depression - life is no longer happy, work is annoying, and the clouds overhead do not dissipate. And everything could have ended sadly for him if he had not met Natalie, who with her love pulled him out of the depths of depression, but at what cost ... A tragic and psychological novel about the consequences of a breakup and unhappy love.

Gail Haniman - Eleanor Olyphant Is Alright

eleanor oliphant is fine

The main character, an ordinary office worker Eleanor, falls in love with a popular rock singer and decides that they must be together. And since they are “greeted by their clothes,” she takes her appearance seriously and begins to master all these feminine things - makeup, fashionable outfits, manicure and even depilation. In this work, everything is much deeper than the attempts of an ordinary girl to like a star, so read what to relax and think.